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Pink Light District

Posted in Cancer,Love by wandren on 29 September 2007

Pink Light DistrictAttended the inaugural lighting ceremony last night for the Arizona Institute for Breast Health’s annual Pink Light District…  Met some friends there to remember our beloved Joyce.  She was there.

Just south of Scottsdale Fashion Square is a downtown rejuvenation project called the Southbridge District, in which a boutique shopping and dining center is under development.  Pink lights were strung on the pedestrian bridge crossing the canal, beautifully highlighting the structure; in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the bridge will be lit for the entire month of October.

I felt the presence of Love, as each of the lights represented a loved one touched by breast cancer.

Mammograms: False Medicine

Posted in Cancer,Women by wandren on 28 September 2007

Mammograms aren’t safe.
Excerpt from Chapter Five of Breast Cancer? Breast Health! by Susun Weed.

Professor Anthony Miller, Toronto National Cancer Institute, says cancer cells may be squeezed into the bloodstream under the pressure of the mammographic plates.  Screening mammograms are unsafe other ways, too: they expose sensitive breast tissues to radiation, and they increase your chances of having a biopsy and being overtreated for carcinoma in situ.

Radiation Dangers
Scientists agree that there is no safe dose of radiation. Cellular DNA in the breast is more easily damaged by very small doses of radiation than thyroid tissue or bone marrow; in fact, breast cells are second only to fetal tissues in sensitivity to radiation. And the younger the breast cells, the more easily their DNA is damaged by radiation. As an added risk, one percent of American women carry a hard-to-detect oncogene which is triggered by radiation; a single mammogram increases their risk of breast cancer by a factor of 4-6 times.

Bejewelled Bookmarks

Posted in Beading,Books and Book-Making by wandren on 27 September 2007
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Finally loaded some of my bookmarks into my Etsy Store… Very excited!!

Beaded Abalone Bookmark - Book Jewels - Book Thong
Beaded Bookmark - Book Jewels - Book Thong

Ballet Under the Stars

Posted in Arts and Crafts,Depression by wandren on 27 September 2007

Attended a performance of the Arizona Ballet last night and had a great time!! Hardly any one was at the park, which was good for me because I don’t like being in crowded places, and because I won a package of schwag that included free tickets to the opening night of Giselle!!

The evening was cool, Cesar Chavez park was surprisingly pretty, and I was able to enjoy a nice evening with my sister. Driving home I felt like my old-self, the one that relentlessly pursued her goals and fearlessly conquered any obstacles.

I felt like I could do anything I wanted to, and nothing was out of reach. That was good medicine! The hard part now, is choosing a goal to focus on and remembering how I felt last night.

The Alma Scroll

Posted in Mormonism,Old Testament,The Dead Sea Scrolls by wandren on 18 September 2007

From the San Diego Natural History Museum:

The Alma Scroll is a lease agreement, which dates to 134 CE, after the destruction of the Qumran settlement by Roman soldiers. It describes a transaction for land previously owned by the government of Simeon Bar Kosiba (Bar Kokhba); leader of the second Jewish Revolt against the Romans (132-135 CE). The document mentions Bar Kokhba by name and as the “Prince of Israel,” a historical reference to his brief tenure as leader in this period.

Specifies “Alma son of Judah” as one of the people involved in the agreement on the fourth line and at the bottom of the document. This text contains the oldest known occurrence of the name “Alma” outside of the Book of Mormon.


Book Preservation and Restoration

Posted in Books and Book-Making,Paper Crafts by wandren on 17 September 2007

IOBA, the Independent Online Booksellers Association, has a Step-by-Step Book Repair guide, and a Book Care Brochure.

Dartmouth College has an online Book Repair Manual.

How Much Wheat Grass Juice to Drink?

Posted in Cleansing by wandren on 15 September 2007

The Happy Juicer

The Happy Juicer says, and I quote:

People new to taking wheatgrass should start by consuming 1oz of juice a day, then after a week build this up to 2oz a day (two 1 oz servings taken at different times of the day).

You should only drink wheatgrass on an empty stomach as otherwise you may experience nausea. After you have consumed the wheatgrass juice you should let it be digested for at least half an hour before eating.

If you drink too much wheatgrass juice then you will experience nausea due to the high sugar content and detoxing effects of the juice. This can be combated by adding other juices to the wheatgrass juice to reduce its sweetness. Celery juice is an ideal partner because it has a natural savoury taste due to its high levels of sodium.

Another technique to reduce the sweetness of the wheatgrass is growing the grass hydroponically instead of in soil. Hydroponically grown wheatgrass still has the excellent nutritional properties of wheatgrass grown in soil.

Wheatgrass juice is a great cleansing agent for the intestinal tract but if you drink and acts as a natural laxative but if you consume too much then you will be needing to visit the toilet more often that desired.

For most people 1-2 oz a day is the amount taken if taking wheatgrass juice for maintaining good health. People taking wheatgrass for the treatment of disease often take 4-8 oz of juice per day but some of this will not be drunk, it will be taken as a wheatgrass enema or as a wheatgrass implant.

Your body will adjust to the cleansing powers of wheatgrass with continued use and you will be able to drink more without the side effects of nausea. Listen to your body and start off with small amounts.

Thanks Happy Juicer!!

How to Take an Enema

Posted in Cleansing by wandren on 15 September 2007

Also in the book mentioned in my last entry, was instructions for taking enemas, summarized below:

Full enemas can be administered at home using a sterile colon tube and a two-quart capacity enema bag; tubes should be about 18-to-20 inches long, though never forced-in farther than they will comfortably go. The enema bag should be filled with one-to-two quarts of warm, not hot, water, and bled of air pockets.

Lie on your back, with buttocks slightly raised, by either a slanted board or a pillow, and allow the water to slowly enter the colon while exhaling; inhaling when you want to stop the flow. When the colon is comfortably full, massage the abdomen from left to right for a few minutes, then roll onto the right side for a few minutes and repeat; release whenever you feel the urge — do not force it to stay inside.

Rejuvelac can be added to the enema to restore instestinal flora, as can wheat grass juice.

Author, Ann Wigmore, recommends an enema every morning, followed by a wheat grass juice implant; she further recommends against coffee enemas, as they introduce undesired caffeine to the system.

How to Take a Wheat Grass Implant

Posted in Books and Book-Making,Cleansing by wandren on 15 September 2007

Found a book from 1983 called the Hippocrates Diet and Health Program, which describes what a Wheatgrass implant is and how to do it. Summarized below:

Wheatgrass juice “is effective as either an immediate purge or as a retention enema.” The hemorrhoidal vein, which lies just inside the rectum, receive liquids, minerals and toxins from the colon, transporting them directly to the liver for processing. Since the wheatgrass juice implant sits in the lower bowel where the portal vein is, it travels directly to the liver to detoxify it, and is absorbed directly into the blood stream to be distributed throughout the body.

Using a sterilized infant enema syringe, squeeze one-to-two ounces of wheat grass juice into the rectum, and hold for as long as you feel comfortable, up to one hour. Once per day should be plenty, though three attempts may be required (in one sitting) to achieve the desired effect. The first attempt will probably only hold for a few seconds, a second attempt may hold for a few minutes, and a third attempt, with three-to-four ounces of juice may hold for as long as 20 minutes; each successive implant should flush more fecal matter.

The author further notes that one need not be concerned with forgetting about an implant, as she has slept with an implant, retaining it overnight, and states that the juice may be completely absorbed by the body.

The Unmentionables: Matters of the Bowel

Posted in Cleansing by wandren on 15 September 2007

How I managed to lose 10 pounds this week, with active Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is beyond me – imagine how many pounds of fecal matter are building inside me.

Colemics BoardIt is apparent to me that herbal cleansers are not enough – IBS aside, I can’t get those pictures of bowel garbage out of my mind.

Karuna Detox illustrates the colema board; Suki Zoe illustrates the tips used in colemics.

Annie’s Appleseed Project has a discussion on Coffee Enemas and links to related resources; Green Pastures has a nutritional analysis of wheat grass, stating that it is a complete food source, not a nutritional supplement.

Grow Wheat Grass has information about growing wheat grass and how to deal with mold. I don’t like the juicers she sells because the working parts are plastic; look for tin- or zinc-coated cast iron or stainless steel models.

Here, Raemali describes her 11-day stay at the Optimum Health Institute, which included wheat grass juice and rejuvalac; The Wholistic Research Company has a great instructional page about how to take enemas and the ingredients to use for each purpose – good stuff!!

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