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Wandren – From the Middle English for Wander…

Posted in Dictionary by wandren on 1 September 2007

Copyright 2009 by Lisa "Wandren"

Copyright 2009 by Lisa "Wandren"

Wandren – from the Middle English for Wander…


  1. to move or go about aimlessly, without plan or fixed destination; ramble; roam
  2. to go to a destination in a casual way or by an indirect route; idle; stroll
  3. a) to turn aside or astray (from a path, course, etc.); lose one’s way b) to stray from home, friends, familiar places, etc.
  4. to go astray in mind or purpose; specifically, a) to drift away from a subject, as in discussion b) to turn away from accepted belief or morals c) to be disjointed, disordered, incoherent, etc.
  5. to pass or extend in an irregular course; meander, as a river
  6. to move idly from one object to another; said of the eyes, the hands, a glance, etc. -vt. to roam through, in, or over without a plan or destination

Source: The New World Disctionary of the American Language, Second College Edition, 1980


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