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The Meaning of the Name “Abrahm”

Posted in Etymology,Old Testament,Religious History by wandren on 3 September 2007

Remember my entry entitled “The Origins of Modern Witchcraft“with a “Sidebar” about ancient language, in which I described how words and names were formed, using Abrahm as an example?

The “Who Was Abraham” page I referred to in my last entry explained what his name might mean:

Several word-meanings can be extracted from “Abram,” each of which points directly to his exalted position. Ab = “Father;” Hir or H’r = “Head; Top; Exalted;” Am = “People.” Therefore, Abhiram or Abh’ram can mean “Father of the Exalted.” Here’s still another: Ab – î – Ram = “Father of the Merciful.” Ab, also meaning “Snake,” could indicate that Ab-Ram (Exalted Snake) was a Naga king. All the meanings that can be extracted from the compound word “Abraham” reveal the divine destiny of his followers. Hiram of Tyre, Solomon’s close friend, was “Exalted People” or Ahi-Ram (Exalted Snake).

In ancient India, the Aryan cult was called “Brahm-Aryan.” The Aryans worshiped multiple gods. Abraham turned away from polytheism. By so doing, he could have become “A-Brahm” (No longer a Brahman.) The Aryans called the Asuras “Ah-Brahm.” Therefore, we can logically assume that the fathers of the Indus civilization were probably prototypical Jews.


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