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Who Were the Maya?

Posted in Mormonism,Religious History,The Ancients by wandren on 11 September 2007


“In his book, Remedy the Frauds in Hinduism, historian Kuttikhat Purushothoma Chon mentioned the Siberian origin of the Mayans. “Maya architects are mentioned in our epic Mahabharata. Maya people are in Siam and East Asia. There is a place called Mayyavad in Kerala. The Uttar Pradesh people have the meaning of Mayya as mother in phrases like ‘Ganga ki Mayya.’ There is a vast area in Russian East Siberia as well as a river by name Maya.” (p. 28.)

The Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon defines the Maya as mathematicians (measurers), astronomers, military strategists, magicians, wise-men, and builders. Our Mesoamerican Mayans definitely fit this description.

The Olmecs or Olman were the first civilization in Meso-America. Although there are abundant physical and linguistic artifacts of their existence, only the Nahuatl-speaking tribes and the Mayans knew something about the Olmecs or Olman as a people. For certain, we know that they were Turks because Olmak and Olman are the Turkish names for Adam. Perhaps they called themselves thusly because they were the first inhabitants of Mexico.

[Right: Artist’s idea of what the ancient Olmec city of La Venta looked like.] The Olmecs supposedly entered Western Mexico in boats, crossing the then navigable Isthmus of Tehuantepec. They first settled on the east coast of Veracruz by the river Papaloapan. The Nahuatl-speaking people couldn’t pronounce “B.” Papaloapan was probably Babalu-apan (Babylonian Crossing).

The Olmecs’ Zikhari (Temple Mounts) were similar to those of the Sumerian Zigurrats and with virtually the same name: Zicualli and Zacualli. Because the Nahuatl tribes couldn’t say “L,” it was probably a dialectical version of Zigurrat: Zicuari.

People are surprised to see stone images of elephants in Mayan country, such as the following one in Copan. It may be a reminder of the elephants in India.

[Right: Stone etching of a Hindu mahout, complete with turban, riding on the head of an elephant.] Some authorities, who do not agree with me that the Mayans came from abroad, think Southern Mexico once had elephants. The truth is that they worshiped a long-nosed god (Chac) or elephant, just as the Hindu Tamils worshiped the elephant-headed Ganesha in India.


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  1. Ricardo Henrique Tabone said,

    Hi there.

    This is all very interesting. We see some of these connection with Atlantis too. For instance, Aztecs called their original homeland Az-Atlan. This is something you could certainly look into. 🙂

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