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How to Take a Wheat Grass Implant

Posted in Books and Book-Making,Cleansing by wandren on 15 September 2007

Found a book from 1983 called the Hippocrates Diet and Health Program, which describes what a Wheatgrass implant is and how to do it. Summarized below:

Wheatgrass juice “is effective as either an immediate purge or as a retention enema.” The hemorrhoidal vein, which lies just inside the rectum, receive liquids, minerals and toxins from the colon, transporting them directly to the liver for processing. Since the wheatgrass juice implant sits in the lower bowel where the portal vein is, it travels directly to the liver to detoxify it, and is absorbed directly into the blood stream to be distributed throughout the body.

Using a sterilized infant enema syringe, squeeze one-to-two ounces of wheat grass juice into the rectum, and hold for as long as you feel comfortable, up to one hour. Once per day should be plenty, though three attempts may be required (in one sitting) to achieve the desired effect. The first attempt will probably only hold for a few seconds, a second attempt may hold for a few minutes, and a third attempt, with three-to-four ounces of juice may hold for as long as 20 minutes; each successive implant should flush more fecal matter.

The author further notes that one need not be concerned with forgetting about an implant, as she has slept with an implant, retaining it overnight, and states that the juice may be completely absorbed by the body.


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