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How to Take an Enema

Posted in Cleansing by wandren on 15 September 2007

Also in the book mentioned in my last entry, was instructions for taking enemas, summarized below:

Full enemas can be administered at home using a sterile colon tube and a two-quart capacity enema bag; tubes should be about 18-to-20 inches long, though never forced-in farther than they will comfortably go. The enema bag should be filled with one-to-two quarts of warm, not hot, water, and bled of air pockets.

Lie on your back, with buttocks slightly raised, by either a slanted board or a pillow, and allow the water to slowly enter the colon while exhaling; inhaling when you want to stop the flow. When the colon is comfortably full, massage the abdomen from left to right for a few minutes, then roll onto the right side for a few minutes and repeat; release whenever you feel the urge — do not force it to stay inside.

Rejuvelac can be added to the enema to restore instestinal flora, as can wheat grass juice.

Author, Ann Wigmore, recommends an enema every morning, followed by a wheat grass juice implant; she further recommends against coffee enemas, as they introduce undesired caffeine to the system.


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