The Wandering Mind

The Unmentionables: Matters of the Bowel

Posted in Cleansing by wandren on 15 September 2007

How I managed to lose 10 pounds this week, with active Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is beyond me – imagine how many pounds of fecal matter are building inside me.

Colemics BoardIt is apparent to me that herbal cleansers are not enough – IBS aside, I can’t get those pictures of bowel garbage out of my mind.

Karuna Detox illustrates the colema board; Suki Zoe illustrates the tips used in colemics.

Annie’s Appleseed Project has a discussion on Coffee Enemas and links to related resources; Green Pastures has a nutritional analysis of wheat grass, stating that it is a complete food source, not a nutritional supplement.

Grow Wheat Grass has information about growing wheat grass and how to deal with mold. I don’t like the juicers she sells because the working parts are plastic; look for tin- or zinc-coated cast iron or stainless steel models.

Here, Raemali describes her 11-day stay at the Optimum Health Institute, which included wheat grass juice and rejuvalac; The Wholistic Research Company has a great instructional page about how to take enemas and the ingredients to use for each purpose – good stuff!!


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