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The Alma Scroll

Posted in Mormonism,Old Testament,The Dead Sea Scrolls by wandren on 18 September 2007

From the San Diego Natural History Museum:

The Alma Scroll is a lease agreement, which dates to 134 CE, after the destruction of the Qumran settlement by Roman soldiers. It describes a transaction for land previously owned by the government of Simeon Bar Kosiba (Bar Kokhba); leader of the second Jewish Revolt against the Romans (132-135 CE). The document mentions Bar Kokhba by name and as the “Prince of Israel,” a historical reference to his brief tenure as leader in this period.

Specifies “Alma son of Judah” as one of the people involved in the agreement on the fourth line and at the bottom of the document. This text contains the oldest known occurrence of the name “Alma” outside of the Book of Mormon.



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