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Stupid People. Too Much Government.

Posted in Pet Peeves by wandren on 3 October 2007
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Pet PeevesWe stayed up late enough last night to watch a little bit of news about a movement to make Salvia illegal. It’s not Salvia I want to debate here, but the issue of control.

While I understand the intention behind the demand for governmental interference when people harm themselves by using substances they either know nothing about or intentionally abuse, I refuse to give-up my self-sovereignty… “Consumer Beware,” “Know Thyself,” and “Everything in Moderation” are my preferred cries.

We are each responsible for our own health (and that of our minor children); it is each individual’s responsibility to make informed decisions; and we each have the innate right, not only to make our own nutritional, health, and product choices, but also to treat ourselves. I should not have to visit a doctor to get a prescription for Vitamin C or Oregano, or Yoghurt! How ridiculous is that?!!

Some people are addicted to sugar, and sugar abuse is known to cause diabetes, which can then lead to loss of vision, limb, and life… Should we make sugar illegal?

Just because some (or even most of the) people are ignorant or stupid, doesn’t mean that I should have to surrender my self-sovereignty.

Arizona has a “Stupid Motorist” law, which states that people who drive themselves into flooded waters and have to be rescued may be billed for those associated costs. Maybe we should have a national “Stupid Consumer” law, which would prohibit people from suing for damages caused by their own stupidity and ignorance.

No more lawsuits because

  • someone used a hair dryer to warm his bed and caused his mattress to ignite, or because
  • someone spilled hot coffee on her lap, or
  • dipped a tortilla chip into hot cheese sauce and burned her tongue, or
  • had a heart attack from consuming too much ma huang, or
  • became morbidly obese from eating too much “fast food.”

We don’t allow people who consumed alcohol and then caused an automobile accident to sue the alcohol-maker, so why do we allow people to re-direct blame for their personal failures in these other areas?

Answer: Because we live in a society in which we (generally speaking) want someone besides ourselves to be responsible for our self-induced suffering, yet we are happy to claim sole responsibility for the good things in our lives.


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  1. jonolan said,

    The salvia controversy is somewhat more complex than that, and it – believe this or not – involves international politics. Salvia is one of the major “currencies” that the Somali warlords use to pay their troops. The US has spent a fair amount of effort having it named an illegal drug so that we can destroy the crops and break the economic backs of those warlords.

    It’s a little hard to get the world to stomach that idea when we allow its use in the US!

  2. wandren said,

    Salvia, Schmalvia — change the name to Nutmeg or Cinnamon, Sea Shells or Kukui Nuts, or Aspirin… Should we make something illegal in our country, denying our citizens their right to manage their own health, because our government doesn’t like the way a foreign government uses it? Again, ridiculous!

  3. jonolan said,

    Yes, possible still ridiculous. At least you now have a glimpse at the broader picture and the extent of the ridiculousness though 😉

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