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The Kurosawa Cancer Protocol

Posted in Cancer,Nutrition by wandren on 3 October 2007
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HealthWellnessOverview from Grouppe Kurosawa:

“This protocol uses both prescription and non-prescription drugs, and natural medicines. It is NOT our intention to promote ONLY the use of natural medicines or alternative medicines when many generic drugs might be more therapeutically effective. Our goal is to develop a synergistic treatment protocol for the treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer and acute and chronic leukemias.

Some of the drugs referenced below require a prescription. Many fine, open minded physicians read this blog and the website. These blogs are written, and documented, so these physicians have a scientific rational for using these drugs in their practice. Of course, we also want to encourage individuals to read these essays if they intend to treat their own diseases. However, in order to change how medicine is practiced in America and elsewhere, we must reach out to the medical community. They are the ones who must pass the word to their colleagues about the efficacy of our treatment protocols. If you do not have an open minded physician, find one. So-called alternative physicians advertise in the telephone book in the US. If this doesn’t work, you can often get a prescription from Internet Online Pharmacies.

There are two distinct phases to our cancer/leukemia treatment protocol. In phase 1, we are attempting to directly kill the cancer cells. This is especially important if a person is burdened with a large tumor or leukemia mass. In phase 2, we will attempt to activate the immune system against the cancer. This is classic cancer immunotherapy. These phases are NOT compatible, i.e. you cannot activate the immune system and attempt to directly kill cancer cells at the same time.

Each phase is 6 weeks in length. The cycle repeats itself until the cancer or leukemia is controlled. At that point, only phase 2, the immunological phase, will be used. At least, this is what we would like to see happen.”


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