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4: The Dispensation of Promise

Posted in Dispensationalism by wandren on 4 October 2007

Primary source for this discussion: Bible Study 102
Author: Virginia Marin

The fourth dispensation begins after God confounded the language, while Abraham was still in Canaan, the Land of Promise, and continues until Moses receives the Law on Mount Sinai.  Genesis 12 through Exodus 18.

“Conscience failed. Promise will now be tried. The idea behind promise is that if God makes a promise, it will become a guiding force or ruling factor in the lives of those to whom the promise was made.”  WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?  We all listen to that radio station…  We are all willing to give or obey or do something we don’t want to do if something we like is reciprocated.

“There were four charges, tests, or responsibilities given to Abraham and his descendants in this dispensation. These tests were restraint by the Holy Spirit, conscience, government, and promise from God. What were the promises?

  • God would bless Abraham
  • Give him countless descendants
  • Make his name great
  • He would be the father of many nations
  • Give him the land of Canaan as an everlasting possession
  • Bless those who bless him; curse those who curse him
  • A great nation would arise named Israel
  • Israel would be given the land of Canaan forever
  • Give blessing to all families through Abraham
  • The Redeemer would come through Israel

Abraham and his descendants failed the test of the fourth dispensation through lying, disobedience, and deception.As with the failures in the other dispensations, this one also brought a judgment from God which we still see today with Israel and her neighbors. We are all aware of the constant war, killing, suicide bombings, and hate against Israel. Another judgment was that the Israelites would go into bondage. They would be slaves to other peoples and nations for a time alloted by God. God would not forget His promises, however. They were only to be held back until the judgments were completed. The period of judgment for this dispensation lasted somewhat over 200 years.”


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  1. wandren said,

    Found an interesting page about the Abrahmic Covenant that relates to the the Fourth Dispensation…

    “The covenant is established for the reincarnation of the Christic seed and of the future of the I AM Race under the patriarch Abraham who reestablishes the Law of the One. The twelve tribes of Israel are founded establishing the Community of the Holy Spirit worldwide, laying the foundation for the promised redemption through the Word.”

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