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Holy Stones in New Jersey

Posted in Mormonism,Old Testament,Religious History by wandren on 10 June 2009

Like the Decalogue Stone of Los Lunas, NM, several inscribed stones found in a burial mound in Newark, New Jersey suggest a Jewish presence in ancient North America.

Although the authenticity of these finds is suspect, the stone cups and bowls some of them were found with are consistent with Jewish rituals prior to the destruction of the second Temple in 70 A.D., a period known as the “Jewish Stone Age,” which is very unlikely to have been known by the discoverers of these objects in the 1860s.

“…in the late Second Temple period, the Pharisees ordained that observant Jews should ritually rinse their hands with pure water before eating, and that in order to be pure, the water had to come from a pure vessel. Pottery might be impure, but stone was always pure.  The result was a brief “Israeli Stone Age,” during which there flourished an industry of making stone teacups to pour the water from and stone jugs to store it in.   After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD, this practice quickly disappeared.”  Magen


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