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Ultramind Solution

Posted in Health and Medicine,Nutrition by wandren on 11 June 2009

“We are on the edge of a paradigm shift that is unlike any we have seen in medicine since the discovery of bacteria and antibiotics.  All the scientific puzzle pieces are known, but no one has put the whole story together–until now.  The old story is that all the diseases humans suffer from are separate things, in fact 12,000 separate things.  But the latest scientific discoveries, discoveries of the type that often take twenty years to end up in your doctor’s office, tell us that there are only seven basic keys to all disease, including the epidemic of broken brains that probably affects you or someone close to you.”  Directly quoted from Dr. Hyman’s website:

Dr. Hyman’s keys to the plagues of our times (ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Brain Fog, Dementia, and more):

  1. Optimize Nutrition
  2. Balance Your Hormones
  3. Cool Inflammation
  4. Fix Your Digestion
  5. Enhance Detoxification
  6. Boost Energy Metabolism
  7. Calm Your Mind

I found a blog, in which the poster claims to be Dr. Hyman, that contains the same information that was in the recent PBS program:


Article on Chelation Therapy, goes with Key #5:


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