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Gad: Austria or Scotland

Posted in The Twelve Tribes by wandren on 12 June 2009

Genesis 49:19 Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last.

Only one short verse and there are two possibilities: one from previous history, and one from future events.

First, Why Austria? Austria is a distinct people and dialect similar to Germans, but not the same. How different is an Austrian accent and a German accent? “A troop shall overcome them”…Nazi Germany did overcome Austria.  As one website states; “ Hitler accused the leader of Austria of violating the German-Austrian agreements causing the aforesaid leader to make an excellent career decision and resign.  Elections were then held for the vacated position and the standing president shunned all Nazi authority, declaring that he would not allow a Nazi to be the chancellor of Austria.  The Nazi candidate declared himself chancellor anyway, and German soldiers were allowed to cross the border into Austria.  Austria was under German control.”  (From:

History also tells us that at the end of the war, Austria emerges as its own country and culture once again as in the verse: “he shall overcome at the last”.

Second, Why Scotland? We know that Jeremiah reached Scotland with his three daughters and that this country has always been “overcome” or controlled by England.  Scotland is a separate nation, but nonetheless is still controlled by England.  England has recently given Scotland the Coronation Stone, also called the Stone of Scone.  This stone is used in all ceremonies crowning the kings of England. With the Stone of Scone back in Scottish hands, the possibility exists that Scotland will emerge as its own country,
free from English control very soon.


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