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Posted in Atlantis by wandren on 1 July 2009

In 2004, American explorer Robert Sarmast used side-scan sonar to discover an underwater formation 50 miles off the coast of Cyprus. The site sits atop a small mountain nearly a mile below the surface.  Sarmast believes this site matches point by point with Plato’s description of Atlantis.

Sarmast believes that the capital of Atlantis once sat atop a mountain, surrounded by shallow lakes in what was once a dry Mediterranean basin. Long ago, the Mediterranean sea level was lower because it was separated from the Atlantic ocean by a seawall in the Strait of Gibraltar.  Powerful earthquakes breached the seawall, Sarmast claims, sending a tsunami-like wave streaming across the basin, flattening everything in its path — including Atlantis.

Having successfully mapped the site, Sarmast is mounting an expedition to launch a deep-sea submersible to take live pictures of it and remove a piece of what he believes is Atlantis.

From “Quest for Atlantis: Startling New Theories.”


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