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Posted in Atlantis by wandren on 1 July 2009

Under the guidance of Heinrich Himmler, Nazi party archeologists undertook ambitious expeditions to find the lost continent. According to Heather Pringle, author of The Master Plan, “Atlantis was the mythical homeland of the Aryan race.”

Equally bizarre is the Nazis’ hypothesis of Atlantis’s destruction, summarized in Welteislehre, or “World Ice Theory.” They asserted that six moons once surrounded Earth. Five crashed into the oceans, triggering ice ages, the last of which coincided with Plato’s date for the destruction of Atlantis.

Because of these and other implausible hypotheses, and their connection to the Nazis’ racial-purity experiments in concentration camps, the Nazis’ search for Atlantis cast a shadow over future archeological efforts for decades after World War II.

From “Quest for Atlantis: Startling New Theories.”


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