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Slaughtering the English Language

Posted in Dictionary,Pet Peeves by wandren on 2 July 2009

Excape/Ecscape is not a word.  What people mean when they say “excape,” is “ESCAPE.”  Any one who remembers his elementary school phonetics, or has taught children to read should know that ES is not pronounced EX.

Supposubly. I don’t know how people can read the correct spelling of the word, “SUPPOSEDLY,” and continue to mispronounce the word.  I understand the problems associated with oral transmission of the language – sloppy annunciation and misinterpretation – but when faced with the correctly-spelled word, and possessing at least a third-grade reading ability, I don’t understand how people can continue mispronouncing the word.

Conversate. I’m not opposed to people saying “conversate” as long as they say it in jest, and their audience understands its use was intentional, but it seems to be used more and more by people who think its a real word – the root word of conversation. -tion is a suffix, added to the end of a word to alter the form of the root word; the “T” in conversation, belongs to the suffix, not the root, which therefore means that the root word lies in the letters occuring before the “T.” The root word of conversation is converse.

There is no such thing as “Premature Stamina.”  Premature means that something grew, occured or arrived earlier than expected.  Stamina refers to the physical or emotional ability to resist fatigue.  You can die prematurely or be born prematurely or arrive at your destination prematurely, but it is not possible to prematurely resist fatigue.  A synonym for “stamina” is “endurance.”  Once cannot endure prematurely, but one can become fatigued sooner than desire.

Assuming there are no physical reasons preventing someone from running a marathon, such as a knee injury, the reason one is unable to successfully run the marathon is because he is not physically fit to do so.  The “cure” for this problem is to improve one’s physical fitness through exercise.


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