The Wandering Mind

About the Author

My name is Lisa; I live in Phoenix, AZ, USA with my husband of 20 years, and our two teen-age children.   This blog is being used as a repository for the many things that pass through my mind – a way for me to sort and organize my thoughts, to remember where I’ve been, and to share with other people.

Information posted here is for my personal purposes and is shared merely for the sake of sharing personal knowledge, journeys, resources, opinions, and experiences, in the hope that it helps other people along their journeys, and that I might find kindred souls.

I have absolutely no formal medical or nutritional training, and am not licensed to diagnose or treat any health condition; furthermore, nothing I post in this blog is intended to diagnose, treat or judge any state of health in body, mind or soul.

Whatever you, as a reader, choose to do with your body, mind and soul is up to you, and you, as your personal caretaker, have the responsibility to make your own informed decisions about your life, seeking information from a multitude of sources; I cannot be held liable for your decisions.


Copyright 2009 by Lisa "Wandren"

Copyright 2009 by Lisa "Wandren"


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