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I Love You So Much

Posted in Grammar,Journalism,Movies,Pet Peeves by wandren on 3 October 2007

Pet PeevesWatched Spiderman 3 last night, and heard so many incomplete sentences that I had to rant about them… “I love you so much.” “You look so good.” …These are not complete sentences!!

The word so, is always supposed to be used in conjunction with that, or an implied that. “My joints ached so badly that I had to take some aspirin for the pain.” “I love you so much that my heart could burst.” “You look so good that I am blinded by your beauty.”

No matter where we live in the U.S., we all should have had similar instruction on grammar and sentence structure – and theoretically, all who hold high school diplomas have passed these grammar classes.

I think that the reason many people don’t retain the instruction they received is because proper use of language is neither used nor reinforced by society – it’s not a failing on the schools’ part. When big Hollywood stars and journalists (and presidents, for that matter) use incorrect grammar in their roles, whether intentionally scripted or not, the message received by the public (and particularly the younger, more easily influenced people) is that their use of language is the correct use.

I truly believe that Journalism’s practice of using 6th Grade-level grammar has done a disservice to our society by never requiring readers and viewers to have at least High School Graduate language skills.