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Kefir and Rejuvelac

Posted in Recipes by wandren on 13 September 2007

Found some interesting pages while looking for rejuvelac recipes…

Kefir, a fermented milk product, is difficult to describe, so I’ll just refer to Dom’s Kefir Site, which includes instructions for growing kefir grains and using it to make, among other things, cheese and saurkraut. His site also has recipes for making Kombucha, soy sauce, tempeh, seed and nut milks, and more.

Rejuvelac is a fermented wheat berry product, though it can also be made with other grains, such as millet, quinoa, spelt and rye; this recipe is for rejuvelac made from cabbage. The Rejoice in Life website has a recipe section with the motto, Learn to Cook the Way Grandma Did, containing recipes for fermented dairy products, fermented fruits and vegetables, nut and seed cheeses, sourdough breads and desserts, and lacto-fermented beverages. HomeopathyOne is a similar site.

The Living and Raw Foods website also surfaced in this search because it has a recipe for rejuvelac. It has raw recipes for everything from appetizers to soups, and entrees to desserts. Good stuff! See also Gone Raw. At both of those sites, you’ll have to search to the ingredient-keywords you are looking for.