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Supercessionism Described

Posted in Dictionary,Supersessionism by wandren on 4 September 2007

“In simple terms, supersessionism teaches that the Christian Church has been established for the salvation of “the Jews first, and also to the Gentiles”, and that there is one people of God joined in unity through Jesus Christ. Since the Jews have largely refused to accept Jesus as Christ, “the Messiah of Israel”, and since he is their only means of salvation, those individual Jews that reject him, reject his atoning sacrifice for sins, and have in effect rejected the only provision God has offered for divine forgiveness, therefore they no longer are the true Israel, and Christians have become the “New Jews”.

This view is also often referred to as “replacement theology”; in that according to this theology, the Church from its very inception has replaced the Jewish people as God’s “chosen people” and “holy nation”, now and forever. One of the scriptures often cited as a basis for this theology is 1 Peter 2:9.” Source: Wikipedia